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Hunts for Warriors

Imagine yourself in a foreign country, at a young age, away from trusted family and surrounded by enemy fire after an exhausting 24-hour call to duty. That’s exactly what happened back on March 27th, 1966 at Tuy Hoa, Republic of Vietnam. Named as a local Hero, Glenn Pearmain, a Utah Soldier was honored for this Vietnam mission unloading vital ammunition and supplies from his helicopter while dodging Viet Cong gunfire. Glenn earned the Army Commendation medal at age 21. While serving as a crew chief of a helicopter carrying supplies to combat troops of the 101st Airborne Brigade, Glenn Pearmain, and his gunner unloaded the helicopter cargo in an area where intense enemy gunfire was keeping the U.S. troops pinned down, and out of ammunition. Most of the enemy gunfire was directed at Glenn and his helicopter, with total disregard for his own personal safety while carrying heavy crates of ammunition to the troops. Glenn’s actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army, and his heroic actions rendered a successful mission with no casualties. Actual photo from the first helicopter returning from the Tuy Hoa assault, lost one helicopter that day which is the reason for the smoke background at Lighthouse Mountain. Glenn Pearmain averaged anywhere from 15-20 hours of daily flying support and medivac missions which included picking up wounded and dead soldiers. Between November 1965 to November 1966, Glenn was shot down 3 times, lost an engine and ended up in the Rice paddies (photo below), and wounded 3 separate times. Fast forward 51 years and more than 7,000 miles away, the Safari Club International Utah Chapter was privileged and honored to extend our gratitude to this well-deserving Vietnam Veteran. Glenn Pearmain, 72 years of age is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting but has never been fortunate enough to harvest a Rocky Mountain elk. This would soon change. The first evening, scouting for elk resulted in a positive and refreshing attitude, this hunt was for real. Several decent bulls were seen but for the time being, it would have to wait until the next day. During the evening dinner, Glenn shared Vietnam memories which some were difficult for him to fully express. The next day could not come soon enough, and early that Saturday morning Sept 30th, 2017 it all came together. The weather and temperature could not have been more accommodating, warm with a bit of overcast and brisk fall atmosphere. The plan was to position a small group of spotters on a popular rock pile for locating any elk. End of the rut season had the elk restless and still bugling which if you have ever hunted elk, is quite exciting. It was not long until we started spotting elk, mostly cows for the first part however as the morning progressed the bulls became active. Two large bulls could be seen from several hundred yards away but with maturity, they kept themselves hidden showing only their massive racks above the cedar trees. The second group, including Glenn Pearmain drove ATV’s down the road to a better advantage location. With the elk bugling, it was exciting to locate several good bull elk while communicating between the two hunting groups on 2-way radios. By this time, both groups had spotted the same two large bull elk hidden in the cedars, and noticed two other bulls in the same vicinity and closer in range. Glenn’s physical mobility is not what it used to be however, the heart-pounding excitement did not stop him from positioning himself for a better view. It was not long afterwards, 8:05 AM to be exact, that a sharp crack was heard from Glenn’s 270 win-mag rifle. An impressive one-shot display of marksmanship at 170 yards, Glenn harvested his first elk. Scored at 320, a beautiful 6×6 elk in the Southern beaver mountain range.  Despite his physical condition, he accepted the extraordinary challenge because of his love for hunting. A veteran doesn’t need to be physically injured to have his or her head in a dark place. The outdoor experience makes you realize how much more life has to offer. That’s plenty of reason to consider taking a veteran hunting. Hunting is positive therapy for Military Warriors. Spending time with Glenn while harvesting this magnificent elk was an amazing moment, not only for him but everyone involved. To see the smile on his face, emotions and gratitude is very hard to explain. We are the ones who need to be thanking him for letting us have the privilege of hunting with a true hero. Congratulations Glenn and well done, thanks for your dedication and service to our country. We owe a great deal of thanks to all of our veterans, and at the least make them feel like rock stars for a weekend. These men and women have given so much and their families have sacrificed as well. The more we can do for them, the better off we all are. The Safari Club International Utah Chapter would like to extend our sincere thanks to Royal Point Ranch and his brother Jeff Pearmain for making this happen and a hunt to remember.


2016 Youth Pheasant Hunt

Safari Club International Salt Lake City, Utah Chapter 2016 Youth Pheasant Hunt   Salt Lake City, Utah chapter SCI is proud to have put on another successful youth pheasant hunt for 2016 This year we drew 18 lucky youth hunters, their names were drawn out of aprox 200-300 entries taken at our yearly fundraiser event and at the Western Hunting Expo where we had a membership drive booth in the main area and our Sensory Safari Trailer set up in the youth area of the show. The event was held on Nov 12th at Wasatch Wing & Clay in Eagle Mtn Utah. The morning of the event we woke up to cold rain but as we got ready to start the hunt the rain went away and it was great but muddy. We paired the youth 2 X 1 guide and dog. Each group had their parents or several parents, guardians, grandparents, sisters and brothers ETC and an SCI Utah chapter board member. Numerous groups brought their own dogs. Everyone reported a great time that they will not forget. Two groups teamed up together because of a guide and dog situation and also because their areas adjoined. They killed more than their fare share, but the rule was SAFETY FIRST AND ALWAYS but if it flies it dies. Every youth reported kills and a good time. They also learned those birds were not easy targets.   After the event lunch was catered we had chile bread bowls, salad, chips, drinks and plenty of food for everyone involved.   For many of the youth it was their first time to shoot at real targets and get to listen and learn from the guides and board members the history of the land and the conservation that allows the land and area to be available for them to have hunting opportunities and many more like this one. These youth are the future of preserving the land and our rights to hunt. I strongly believe SCI will see new memberships from this event from the adults and youth seeing firsthand what SCI is all about.   This year once again KSL Outdoors Channel 5 filmed this event and it was aired on Channel 5 Utah as one of their weekly shows. This will give Utah Chapter and SCI good visibility and recognition     We look forward to sponsoring this event each year and would love to have your youth involved in the event next year for 2017. They can sign up at our yearly banquet and fundraiser event at the Sheriton Hotel Salt Lake City March 18th 2017. Also they can sign up at the Western Hunting Expo at our Safari Sensory Trailer on display in the youth area of the show. Thanks for all the Utah chapter members and volunteers that attended and donated their time and money for this and other events.    


2015 Youth Pheasant Hunt

Chalk up another wonderful, SCI Utah youth pheasant hunt.  This year, we had 16 youth chosen at random during our annual banquet and our booth at the Western Hunting Expo.  The youth came from around the state as well as a few from neighboring states.  Coordinating the youth can be a challenge and for some the timing doesn’t work but with a few alternates, we were able to fill the roster. Chazz at Wasatch Wing & Clay continues to make our event a success.  With top notch facilities, excellent guides and birds that fly, you can’t help but fall in love with the place.  Held Nov 14th and having quite warm temperatures, we were pleased to not have any snow on the ground.  Different from years past nobody was complaining.  The youth and their parents arrived at the lodge early enough to check-in and get their hats.  With Wasatch Wing and Clay guides, we send the youth out in pairs.   The two youth, their guests, guides, and dogs are each assigned a location on the property.  For most this is a first time hunting or at least their first time hunting behind well trained dogs.  For many the highlight of the day was watching the dogs work. I walked along two of the youth and their dads.  Our guide had two dogs.  A black Lab who specialized in flushing and a Springer Spaniel who pointed.  We started walking with the black Lab only.  Not wasting any time flushing birds, it wasn’t long before the youth had a few birds down.  Once, back to the truck we took a break and swapped out dogs.  When the guide told us we were going to walk through the same area, I chuckled to myself and thought this was going to be a waste of a good walk.  Well, shows how unexperienced I am.  With the pointer, we scared up more birds than we did the first time.   It was so cool to see this dog stop on a dime and point out the bird which allowed the youth to get in position before the bird flew. The two youth in our group had a great time.  For me, it was great to see their expressions as we walked and hunted.  Equally as enjoyable was seeing the father’s enjoyment and watching the two dogs.  Both dogs hunted with different styles but were equally as effective.  When we were done, we took pictures and reminisced about the hunt and the different birds and shots.  Our guide taught the boys how to clean the birds and gave their dads some good recipes. We enjoyed a BBQ lunch catered by Sean’s Smokehouse.  As, I sat eating lunch, one of the fathers came to tell me thanks for such a great event.  One of our board members said, “you know why we do this?  It’s to get youth involved in hunting because it is this youth, who will be voting soon and we need to raise our youth so that they will fight for our right to hunt and conserve our lands.   If not, when they are our age they won’t have the same opportunities that we’ve been afforded.”  I’ve thought about this many times since and not only do we need to get our youth involved in hunting and the outdoors but we need them to be involved with being spokesmen and spokeswomen.  It’s one thing to be a hunter but we need to do more, we need to take our friends and teach them what it means to be a hunter.  It doesn’t mean you just put your camo on and grab your gun.  A true hunter learns about conservation and what they can do to help the animals, so that when they want to put on their camo, grab their gun and go hunting.  There is somewhere and something to hunt.  I hope that this youth pheasant hunt teaches our youth and their parents that the enjoyment comes from being outdoors.  I also hope it plants a seed in our youth and that one day they will be the ones practicing conservation and making the effort to protect our rights for years to come.  This is event is the highlight of our year and we look forward to next year.  We hope that by putting this event on, we are spreading the joy of conservation, camaraderie, and community involvement.   Jeff Nielson ‘SCI Vice President’ 20151114_092644_resized DSC00248 DSC00249 DSC00251 IMG_0326 IMG_0329 IMG_0331 IMG_0334 IMG-20151117-WA0003 IMG-20151117-WA0004 IMG-20151117-WA0006 IMG-20151117-WA0007 IMG-20151117-WA0008 IMG-20151117-WA0009 IMG-20151117-WA0010 IMG-20151117-WA0012 IMG-20151117-WA0013


2014 Youth Pheasant Hunt

This year we had another successful Youth Pheasant Hunt.  We drew 15 lucky youth from drawings held at both our SCI Utah Chapter Banquet and the Western Hunting Expo.  The event was held on Nov 15th at one of the best and well known hunting locations located in Utah County, Wasatch Wing & Clay.  As the day approached the temperature started to drop and just like last year we received our first snow storm.  We had one of our Youth who wasn’t able to make it as they were coming from Evanston WY and the highway was closed that morning. Even with the weather we had 14 youth attend along with many guests.  From parents, brothers, sisters and even a few grandparents we had plenty of support.  We paired the youth and their guests with a guide, dog and SCI member.  As the hunt began the weather opened and we even got a small glimpse at the sun.  All of the Youth had multiple birds in which they were able to shoot at, sometimes successful and other times not so much.  For many this was their first experience shooting at live targets, and as they learned sometimes those roosters aren’t so easy to hit.  The important part was the fun time enjoyed by everyone and the opportunity to hunt.  After the hunt we met at the lodge for a tasty BBQ pork and chicken lunch.  Stories and laughs were shared from the morning hunt.  There was even a story of rooster being shot and a bald eagle swooped down and picked it up.  I may not have believed it if I hadn’t seen the eagle flying around.  What an opportunity for the kids to see a bald eagle so close.  We had a great time and look forward to hosting this event for many years to come.  The youth that are involved are the ones who will continue our path to preserving our lands and our rights to hunt.  This is why we need to get them involved every chance we get.  We would love to have your youth involved in this event next year.  Look for our drawing at our banquet held Jan 31st or see us at the Western Hunting expo where we’ll be debuting our Sensory Safari Trailer.  Thanks again to all those that attended and donated their time and money.

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Sportsmen Against Hunger

SCI 2SCI Thank YouThis year we’ve used our funds from our annual banquet, memberships fees and other revenue streams to support our local community.  With your support we’ve donated 400 pounds of elk meat to the Neighborhood house.  Sportsmen Against Hunger is a great SCI program and we look forward to continuing the tradition.  


Youth 2014 Pheasant Hunt Winners

We’d like to thank those youth who attended our banquet last weekend.  We drew the remaining 6 names for our annual youth pheasant hunt at Wasatch Wing and Clay.  See names below:

Braden Green of Layton

Hunter Goring of Logan

Eli Boley of Kemmer

Jake Toone of Farr West

Drew Erin of North Ogden

Mason Climbs of Centerville

The winners of the drawing please read thru the letter with you parents that is attached and respond to Brad Wilson via email ( to confirm your spots for the pheasant hunt.  We have not yet selected a firm date.  In the coming weeks will be contacting Wasatch Wing and Clay to confirm the date.  All winners will be notified asap. 

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you,





Youth 2014 Pheasant Hunt Winners

Here are the 10 lucky winners of the youth pheasant hunt drawing put on by the Utah Chapter of Safari Club International:

Austin Hallows of Salem, UT

Conner Higley of Hooper, UT

Cutter Erickson of Tremonton, UT

Max Mckenzie of Spanish Fork, UT

Hunter Butcher of West Jordan, UT

Talon Thornton of Morgan, UT

Jared Duke of Kaysville, UT

Jaeden Duke of Kaysville UT

Michael Wanner of Eagle Mountain, UT

Ryan Kerr of Willard, UT

We have drawn two alternates in the event someone isn’t able to attend.

1st alternate  Mason Leishman of Wellsville, UT

2nd alternate  Wylie Jensen of Hyrum,

The winners of the drawing please read thru the letter with your parents that is attached and respond to Brad Wilson via email ( to confirm your spots for the pheasant hunt. We have not yet selected a firm date. We will be contacting Wasatch Wing and Clay in the coming weeks to confirm a date for this fall.  All winners will be notified asap.

Also attached is a registration form for our upcoming banquet on March 15th at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, 1355 West 3100 South, West Valley City. Social hour starts at 4:00 PM and Dinner at 6:00 PM with a live auction to follow. There will be hunts from all around the world plus some local hunts. We will have fun games and great items on a silent auction and raffle. We invite you to come join us in a night of fun, supporting conservation projects and protecting our rights to hunt.  For those youth whose names weren’t drawn we will be drawing six more names at the banquet.  You must be present to win. 

 Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you,

 SCI Utah



Youth 2013 Pheasant Hunt


  In combination with the annual Safari Club International Salt Lake City-Utah banquet and fundraiser, our chapter also held drawings at two local 2013 sporting shows. These drawings resulted in a selection of 16 lucky Youth hunters for our annual Youth Pheasant Hunt. On November 16th 2013, the SCI Salt Lake City-Utah chapter hosted another impressive Youth Pheasant hunt coordinated with Utah’s Premier hunting location for upland game, Wasatch Wing & Clay. We were able to provide a hunt for these 16 youth hunters ages 10-16, including their accompanying family members. To make this event even more exciting and visible to the general public, Channel-5 and the local Outdoors Show camera crew joined us to video this entire event. Not to mention, the co-host is also an employee of the Utah Division Wildlife Resources, and recreational wildlife coordinator.  


    Ironically, the week before this hunt was beautiful and unseasonable warm weather. But as fate would have it, as the day got closer the weather became more of a worry and concern. The day of the hunt was very cold and snowy. Impressing enough, every single hunter and family made no hesitation and showed up in their hunting gear, ready to go. And honestly, it seemed that the parents were more excited about this hunt since a good majority of these kids had not hunted upland game before this event. Our list of hunters not only came from local Salt Lake surroundings but also ranged from locations as far as Kemmerer Wyoming, Vernal and Tremonton Utah which are considerable distances from the hunting venue. As well, we had a considerable mix of both male and female hunters, beginners and experienced. Every youth hunter was presented the opportunity to harvest several birds, while hunting with their supporting family members, an SCI board member and professional guide/dog handler. The event included a great BBQ lunch afterwards, definitely where many stories where exchanged amongst the hunters and proud family members.    


  We are very excited to offer this rewarding event and continuing the same program each following year. This event certainly solidifies the Utah SCI Chapter’s commitment and support for our Youth. These young hunters are our future, and we recognize the importance of continuing the heritage and enthusiam for the outdoors. With the increasing number of anti-hunters at our heels, the future of any hunting and preservation of wildlife lies within our youth; the new generation of hunters. With support from all our chapter members, we are able to continue with these efforts and similar events to promote youth retention and keep them interested in the outdoors.    




Youth 2012 Pheasant Hunt

soloNovember 17th 2012, the Utah Chapter Safari Club International organization boasted yet another impressive milestone. A very successful Youth Pheasant hunt coordinated with Utah’s Premier hunting location for upland game, Wasatch Wing & Clay. This was a result of a draw process from our annual 2012 banquet/fundraiser, and the 2012 Western Hunting Expo. We were able to provide a hunt for 10 youth hunters ages 10-16, including their accompanying family members. To make this event even more exciting and visible to the general public, “Hooked on Utah” (KUTV Channel-2) was there to video this project and televise the program shortly afterwards.

Each youth hunter was presented the opportunity to harvest several birds, and display their shooting and hunter safety skills. As far as the shooting skills, well let’s say they did give their best efforts and were able to bag quite a few birds. But, more impressive was the manner and enthusiasm they shared with their family and displayed their excitement for the hunt. Each group; 2 youth hunters with their supporting family members were also joined by an SCI board member and professional guide/dog handler. A great BBQ lunch was offered as part of the agenda, where there were many stories and jokes that resulted from the day’s hunt.


We are very excited to offer this program and look forward to the same activity this year. In fact, we are expanding and increase the amount of youth hunters for 2013. This event further solidifies the Utah SCI Chapter’s commitment and support for our Youth. The future of any hunting and preservation of wildlife lies within our youth; the new generation of hunters. We as the older generation have to teach and encourage this atmosphere and tradition of hunting in their minds. With support from all our chapter members, we are able to continue with these efforts to promote youth retention and keep them interested in the outdoor activities.


2012 Hunts for Warriors

hunterThe annual SCI “Hunts for Warriors” and disabled hunters project for 2012, was a big success. Thanks to the combined efforts with; Chairbound Hunters-Utah Chapter (non-profit organization), Safari Club International-Utah Chapter, Garrett Hunting Services, and all the wonderful volunteers to make this an amazing hunt for 1 wounded war veteran and 4 chairbound hunters. This year’s project and hunt on January 14th, 2012 included a day-long event, for the indigenous and often aggressive hogs in Castle Dale, Utah. This was one of those days that you have to question the weather and if the unusual sunny and warm day in January, wasn’t for a reason. Being around these brave and dedicated disabled hunters really makes one appreciate what we often take for granted. The group consisted of approximately 25 people including;

  • Ryan Johnson – Quadriplegic, sports injury 13 years ago. Lives in Orem, Utah – Life-long Hunter. Single dad with 16-year old son.
  • Lance Hunt – Quadriplegic for 2 years from St George, Utah. Expert archer before accident rolling a big rig and fracturing his neck and back. Loves all kinds of hunting. Married with children.
  • Vance Anderson – Paraplegic for over 40 years from Ogden, Utah. Active wheelchair racer, wheelchair basketball player, retired family counselor and now a counselor to younger wheelchair candidates. Married with 2 grown daughters and grand children.
  • Justin Fuller – Paraplegic from truck accident 11 years ago. Life-long hunter with help from family and friends and the Safari Clubs. Recently married.
  • David Gardner (Wounded Warrior) from Springville, Utah. Had right leg amputated from accident in Iraq five years ago. Loves archery hunting. Married with 3 young children.

Our day began with everyone meeting in the town of Castle Dale, Utah and soon we were off to the hunting location. It was quite the sight, to see such a caravan and gathering of 4×4 trucks, 4-wheelers, side-by-sides and a jeep. Once set-up and a general plan discussed, the group headed out to scout and locate some hogs. This process did not take long, but considering the nice weather and time of morning, we had to move fast before the hogs were off to bed down. It was no more than 30-minutes that we located the first two hogs from a higher bluff, while scoping the lower terrains. Shortly afterwards, the first two hunters were successful in harvesting both animals. During this same spot-and-stalk process, the group had also managed to spot two more hogs in the upper field. As the two first hunters, with their supporting group progressed to get their hands on their downed trophies, we could hear the shots of success echo through the valley. Two more hogs were now successfully taken.

hunter2 hunter3 hunter4 hunter5                           Now, it was time for David Gardner our Wounded Warrior, to make it happen on a spot-and-stalk with his bow. After locating a loaner dominant hog in the North field and willows, David was off for the sneak attack. David was very dedicated and convinced this was the hog he wanted. After several methodical and careful stalking maneuvers, David was able to place his first shot and arrow, perfectly broadside. However, it soon became clear this big hog wasn’t going down without a fight. It was not until a few more missed shots, and one more hit that David decided he would have to resort to his rifle. However, even the rifle was having a difficult time to bring down this hog. But, with great enthusiasm and commitment from David, he managed to finally knock the hog down. We now had our 5 hogs on the ground, and before noon. When we got back to base camp, Safari Club International provided a great lunch for everyone, stories were exchanged, pictures were taken and then the hogs were transported to the butcher for final processing.

Thank you to our SCI Utah supporters and members, the Chairbound Hunters organization and Owen Garrett for making this project, a success. This along with future projects, clearly displays and enforces the commitment of Safari Club International’s charter and mission; Wildlife Conservation, Camaraderie, and Community Service – Promoting a positive image of hunters and impact to our local community.