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Youth 2012 Pheasant Hunt

Posted by CobaltGraphics on 11/17/2012


soloNovember 17th 2012, the Utah Chapter Safari Club International organization boasted yet another impressive milestone. A very successful Youth Pheasant hunt coordinated with Utah’s Premier hunting location for upland game, Wasatch Wing & Clay. This was a result of a draw process from our annual 2012 banquet/fundraiser, and the 2012 Western Hunting Expo. We were able to provide a hunt for 10 youth hunters ages 10-16, including their accompanying family members. To make this event even more exciting and visible to the general public, “Hooked on Utah” (KUTV Channel-2) was there to video this project and televise the program shortly afterwards.

Each youth hunter was presented the opportunity to harvest several birds, and display their shooting and hunter safety skills. As far as the shooting skills, well let’s say they did give their best efforts and were able to bag quite a few birds. But, more impressive was the manner and enthusiasm they shared with their family and displayed their excitement for the hunt. Each group; 2 youth hunters with their supporting family members were also joined by an SCI board member and professional guide/dog handler. A great BBQ lunch was offered as part of the agenda, where there were many stories and jokes that resulted from the day’s hunt.


We are very excited to offer this program and look forward to the same activity this year. In fact, we are expanding and increase the amount of youth hunters for 2013. This event further solidifies the Utah SCI Chapter’s commitment and support for our Youth. The future of any hunting and preservation of wildlife lies within our youth; the new generation of hunters. We as the older generation have to teach and encourage this atmosphere and tradition of hunting in their minds. With support from all our chapter members, we are able to continue with these efforts to promote youth retention and keep them interested in the outdoor activities.


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